Olive Oil

Packaging : Foodservice / Retail
Olive Oil is the pure natural juice of olives which comes from the cold press of the olives.It is the greatest exponent of monosaturated fat, a proven health benefit and is the only vegetable oil that can be consumed as it is, freshly pressed from the fruit. Olive Oil is usually defined in three categories:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Is the natural juice of the olive without additional processing beyond cold pressing. It’s acidity level will not exceed 0.8% of olive acid. The flavor of the extra virgin olive oil is a sweet and fruity aroma taste.

100% Pure Olive Oil
Purified olive oil which normally contains 20-30% of natural juice from virgin olive oil. Acidity level does not exceed 1.5% Pure Olive Oil will also have a sweet, fruity taste but less pronounced than Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive Pomace Oil
Is the oil that is extracted from the olive pulp after the pressing. Olive Pomace Oil has a neutral flavor profile and is widely used in restaurants and homes for high heat cooking.