Established in the 1940s, MP Forni has been making handmade wood fired ovens for generations. Initially these ovens were built from scratch and used only for domestic purposes. Local farmers would use them to bake their own bread. Traditionally, these ovens were built directly on site in the place of their use. Over the years this changed, pizza was becoming popular in the whole peninsula, therefore, the way in which these ovens were made and the materials used had to change drastically, in order to satisfy the demands of pizzerias, restaurants and the general public. This hand crafted product from Benevento exceeded all expecations. Its popularity went beyond the walls of the province and its quality was being appriciated in the all of Italy. The 1970s saw an abrupt stop in production caused by the sudden dead of its founder Michele Pilla. However it was not long before his grandson Michele Pilla, who bears the same same, took over the company and brought it to renewed success. With the onset of this new era changes began to occur. Less time was needed to build and install the ovens, this ohowever, without compromising the high standards and quality of the product. This increase in production let to a five-fold increase in sales. Since 2005 MP Forni not only produces and cells hand crafted ovens but can also assemble and suplly mobile pizzerias and restaurants to satisfy every need and all rigorously equipped with our handcrafted wood fired oven. 

Campania Food is proud to be the exclusive importer of MP Forni
for United States and Canada