A brilliant present and a solid tradition make Intercaf, the owner of the Motta Brand, a highly successful company. Intercaf uses state-of-the art technology and facilities, constantly integrating recent research on quality coffee processing with ancient, deeply-rooted traditions. Today the Caffè Motta brand confirms those origins and is widespread all over Italy, proudly preserving the traditional passion and skill of the Mastromartino family since the early 1960s. Caffè Motta imports its raw ingredients directly from the main producing countries; it then processes them and distributes the end product throughout Italy – especially in large supermarket chains – and in several foreign countries. With its constant growth in terms of turnover, volume of sales, and achievements, Intercaf is ranked among the top made-in-Italy companies, acknowledged as such at the national and international levels in the sector of high-quality coffee production. The company today has a team of 40 people, all with a passion for coffee and a strong end-customer orientation. In the past decade the company has developed a product & customer-oriented approach which translates into a quality process involving all the stages of production – from the bean to the cup. The careful selection characterising the range of blends, whose raw ingredients come from the world’s major producers, keeps the composition and ‘naturalness’ of the coffee unchanged. The special roasting procedures, complex blending processes and packing are stages of production which all aim at creating a perceivable, impeccable quality that the consumer will recognise at once. The quality of every single blend is the very reason for the consumer’s satisfaction, who will appreciate the wide range of blends available – all ensuring high quality levels. It is a value that enters people’s homes all over Italy, making the ‘rite of coffee’ a delightful moment to share, enjoying a “taste that brings people together”.

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