About Us

In 1981 the Delle Donne family decided to make a drastic move from Vomero, Naples to New Jersey. The hardest part at first was not being able to find the goodies and foods we were use to eating back in Italy.

As time went by the Italian community grew smaller but the Italian Cuisine became more well known.

In 1991 Lamarv Corp. DBA Cuomos and Sons began as Cuomos Deli. Later in 2001 Campania Food and Imports, INC. came about to provide the Italian American community with foods that we all grew up with.

The journey began by traveling back to Italy and personally meeting and tasting the products. The first product ever imported was Mozzarella di Bufala. We would bring back products to taste and as a family decided what we truely believed represented Italian food. With that process we are able to provide Cafe, Pasta, Canned Tomato, Olive Oil and other goods from producers who have mastered their craft over time.